Our association was formed as a networking hub centered around combating criminal activity in the gaming industry. Members recognize that by fostering communications amongst gaming investigatorsand regulators will contribute to decreased criminal activity and increased protection to the general public. Those within who are a part of the association are agents of gaming compliance/commissions, gaming regulators, casino public safety forces and law enforcement personnel (federal, state, and local agencies); each dedicated to combating crime.

WGIRA is a fledging organization that was built out of necessity to be a conduit between law enforcement and the gaming properties in Southern California region (specifically Riverside County and San Diego County). While attending separate casino investigator and regulator meetings, I discovered a pattern of criminal activity was occurring. The crooks would commit a crime at one casino and then venture to an adjacent or area casino to perpetrate the same crime. The result was a number of properties experiencing a huge loss of capital. I saw a quick fix to the problem by suggesting the creation of a network to allow the casino properties to share crime problems with law enforcement. If a pattern develops both the cops and the properties can share the info and avoid being victimized.

Initially the networking was among neighboring casino properties through an E-Mail distribution list system. It was functional and semi-effective, but we quickly realized a need to have a web base network to exchange information like crime-spree alerts and build a database of contacts, accessible to law enforcement and those in the gaming industry. We looked at various established networks and planned a design to fit our needs; which turned out to be cost prohibitive. Instead of reinventing the wheel, we chose to use an established vendor.

CrimeDex is a vendor that provides the World Gaming Investigator & Regulator Association (WGIRA) a secured web-based network portal. This site was designed to assist the gaming industry and law enforcement to fight criminal activity challenges. One of the best tools we have to combat crime is our ability to communicate and interact. WGIRA via CrimeDex facilitates seamless interaction between the gaming industry professionals and law enforcement. This type of interaction or networking was designed to supplement the usual monthly or bi-monthly regional meetings we may attend regularly. Being a part of CrimeDex, in cooperation with California Financial Crimes Investigators Association (CFCIA), (BOL), the Coalition of Law Enforcement and Retail (CLEAR); will give you access to a huge database of financial institutions, retailers, cooperate security practitioners, and governmental agencies with a nexus to the gaming industry.

  • CrimeDex members can leverage the power of social networks by creating private portals for a particular organization, metro area, industry, or other area of interest.
  • Users can create member groups, share relevant information, distribute group email alerts, and interact via their own portal.
  • Watchlists notify members when data that matches a wanted fraudster is entered into CrimeDex.
  • Incident-based reporting for multiple crime types makes CrimeDex a fit for banks, retailers, property managers, and more.
  • Solve cases faster with access to information on over 15,000 crimes and suspects nationwide.
  • Broadcast information on wanted criminals to groups large or small.
  • Link criminals to more than one open case using powerful search and watchlist capabilities.
  • Collaborate more effectively between the private and public sectors.
  • CrimeDex is integrated with 3VR VIP Appliances so users can upload video of suspects from one to the other for facial comparisons.
  • Share video and images with other CrimeDex members to maximize the utility of your 3VR appliance.
  • Easy to integrate with all 3VR Appliances